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Litost - the untranslatable
Kundera said this  word was like the wail of an abandoned dog, of someone looking at their own misery. At his liberty was poetic license and artists are known to be  rescued  by such  licenses. Love, hate, suffering  are  all  muted. They are untranslatable. There is that frustration of those unspeakable words, of those drawings that cover so much experience and yet can't be defined or restricted by what is known. Language is restrictive. Suffering and love aren't. The collection is inspired by the virtues and the dark less of what can't be translated.
With this poetic license, we create  silhouettes  out of this particular state of being. We celebrate  the errors. These  errors  of judgment are not regretted, no corrigenda  will  be issued. We belong to those  that  can  claim us, or can't. There is  an in-between  space where love  and ante mix and where misery can stayon  the iris. We texture fabric and contradict cutting techniques in an attempt to create the untranslatable. We slash, stroke, scribble, squirm and take  this  confusion, this be wilderment and sketch from the dark less points of view. For we have abandoned darkness for the void. In the void, we speak in no language. The whirlwind is everything. It is life. Unforgivable  and  yet dancing to its own rhythm. Devastating   and beautifully so. We  own "litost" and we try  to not define it. We shall let the story unfold in due time and through the structures and drapes  that hide  and reveal more  than  we can ever speak of, we won't release  what  belongs  to a private  space . Only  because it can't  be.

To buy the entire collection or any of the design, Please get in touch with us. Write us at sales@rishtabyarjunsaluja.in or Call/WhatsApp 91 98102 80593

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