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Break the song, we say. That jarring note that also makes music. Our age is of checkpoints. As we stop at each, we demolish the previous notes and introduce new rhythms. We scratch on the vinyl records. We take the note higher. We mix it to dig from the soul the cry for  freedom. Here, we have used dissonance in structures and drapes.

The idea of deconstructing the classic silhouettes to create a new form. This is an attempt to break away from imagined realities. We have taken primal instincts, merged them with traditions that are societal constructs to create an expression that is unequivocally unique.

The colors play as a muted background through this nomadic journey. The prints react to the geometry of our lives that is always disjointed. The embellishment are the vocabulary of our romance with the fictional memory , which the world calls “history”. Fabrics and textures are juxtaposed to celebrate the agony and the persistence of that scratching sounds that we find so erotic……

We say let love be the cure. But love your own way. Break the song. This is an ode to dissonance.

To buy the entire collection or any of the design, Please get in touch with us. Write us at sales@rishtabyarjunsaluja.in or Call/WhatsApp 91 98102 80593

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